Kit Luminous Shampoo Btox Sealing Plástica dos Fios Progressive Complete Smooth Hair 3x1L/3×3.8fl.oz


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Luminous Kit Plástica dos Fios Progressive Sealing

Luminous hair shampoo ( was specially developed with the most modern formula to remove residues and promote hair cleaning.

The Luminous hair seal has as main function the realigning of the hair.

Btox ( Luminous hair has the function of providing to the hair a high impact reconstruction due to keratin and argan oil.


Wash the hair with anti-residue shampoo, then rinse.

Leave 1cm from the root and apply the thermal seal lock by lock on the whole extension of the hair with the brush and remove the excess with the comb.

Wait 20 to 30 minutes, remove the excess in the rinse dry, brush and board lock by lock.


Your hair clean, repaired and with intense shine.

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* – 01 Luminous Kit Plástica dos Fios Progressive Sealing

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