Maria Escandalosa Mask Black Tinting Mask For Blond Hair Máscara Matizadora Hair Care 500g/17.6fl.oz


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The Maria Escandalosa Tinting Nero Maschere was created with a special formulation to cover the yellowish color of blond, white, gray and streaked hair. Its effect occurs gradually and progressively. Its de-yellowing action leaves the hair orange with the sensational pearly platinum hue. Its composition contains actives that activate and treat hair chemically damaged by excessive discoloration and with a rubbery appearance.


With damp hair, apply the Tinting for the hair extension and let it act for 3 to 10 minutes, there is no pause for a specific time.
Leave on for as long as necessary depending on the shade of your hair or until you get the color you want. Rinse with plenty of water and finish as desired.
Always remembering to perform the wick test.

Light hair;
Very clear hair;
Colored Hair;
Gray Hair with Highlights.


Hair treated, restored, hydrated and incredibly tinted.

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