Kit Maria Escandalosa Progressiva Okra Shampoo Mask Quiabo Straight Hydrated Hair Care 2x300ml/2×10.1fl.oz


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The Progressive Brush was developed for all hair types, it is a treatment that replenishes lost hydration and completely straightens your hair in the first application, sealing the cuticles for strong, shiny and soft hair.
Progressiva contains vitamins and minerals essential for hair health that act on the inner and outer part of the hair fiber with the regeneration of parts with damage accumulation, which leave hair weak, opaque and lifeless. It is rich in vitamins A, C, iron, phosphorus and calcium, increasing the natural resistance of hair against daily damage.
Anti-Residue Shampoo: With protein extracts extracted from Okra it helps in opening the cuticle without harming it, promoting a deep cleansing, where it removes all the accumulated residues on a daily basis, preparing the capillary structure for the Mask, allowing a deep straightening and extremely smooth and velvety.
Active Term Mask: It has the power to leave your hair without frizz, soft, shiny and without volume. With enriched extract of okra, the treatment has a blend of vitamins and minerals that help in the reconstruction and strengthening of hair.

Wash your hair with Shampoo, dry your hair completely; then apply the Mask and let it act for 10 minutes. After the pause time, start the excavation and plank process to enhance the smooth. Then rinse and finish at your desire.
Clean, soft, shiny and strengthened hair

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