Maria Escandalosa SOS Anti Elasticity Hair Reconstructor Total Hair Rescue Hair Care 300ml/10.1fl.oz


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Maria Escandalosa SOS Anti Elasticity Hair Reconstructor is the hydration that transforms hair in 5 minutes after application. The treatment was developed with the ability to replace the cortical mass, restoring the entire area weakened by the use of chemicals or natural atmospheric action.
Made with a mixture of keratinoil complex and hydrolyzed collagen, which together provide cuticle sealing, repair and resistance to breakage.
1- Apply the Reconstructor to damp hair throughout the sensitive area, distributing it evenly;
2- Let it act for 5 minutes, to activate dry heat until you realize that the product has been fully absorbed;
3- Rinse with plenty of water and finish as desired

Strengthened hair, perfectly sealed cuticle and deep hydration

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