Natura Ekos Exfoliating and Creamy Pitanga, Andiroba, Buriti, Chestnut 4 units of 100g


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Natura Ekos soaps are made inspired by the Amazon, with 100% vegetable oils.

With creamy and abundant foam leaves your skin soft and delicately scented. Benefits: They cleanse and protect the skin, maintaining natural hydration.

Pitanga: Made with pitanga essential oil, it has aromatic and natural exfoliating properties that provide a light exfoliation. Its fragrance is vibrant with fresh notes of pitanga. Andiroba: Made with Andiroba oil, it has restorative properties.

Its fragrance is intense and refreshing. Buriti: Made with Buriti oil, it has antioxidant properties, and natural scrubs that provide a light exfoliation. Its fragrance is delicate with the refreshing floral notes of buriti. Chestnut: Made with chestnut oil, which has nourishing properties. Its fragrance is cozy and pleasant.

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