O Boticário Moisturizing Lotion Cuide-se Bem Castanhita Loção Hidratante 400ml/13.5fl.oz


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O Boticário Cuide-se Bem Body Deodorant Moisturizing Lotion Castanhita Soft Chestnut Freshness 400ml/14.1oz

The Hydrating promotes a deep hydration, which acts for up to 96 hours climbs the skin. It reveals what’s best in your skin, besides providing smoothness and hydration and an intense Chestnut fragrance.

Possessing a super light texture, the hydrating lotion absorbs quickly as soon as it is applied on the skin.

Besides hydrating deeply, it also liberates an amber floral fragrance on the marking, promoting a comfort and coziness sensation to your skin.


Apply the lotion all over the skin massaging until it is completely absorbed.

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