O Boticário Moisturizing Lotion Cuide-se Bem Nuvem Body Deodorant Loção Hidratante 400ml/13.5fl.oz


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O Boticário Cuide-se Bem Body Deodorant Moisturizing Lotion Nuvem Softness and Comfort 400ml/14.1oz

The new Hydrating Nuvem allows a soft and hydrated skin, with a fragrance that is pure sophistication. 

With a cozy fragrance, the Body Hydrating Nuvem will leave your skin with a delicious silky touch. The hydrating has light texture, being absorbed quickly, without leaving that feeling of sticky skin besides leaving the skin hydrated for until 96 hours.

The hydrating will leave your skin delicately perfumed, with the suave fragrance of the Nuvem line.


Apply the desired amount on the skin massaging until it is absorbed.

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  • 01 O Boticario Take Good Care of yourself Body Moisturizing Lotion Nuvem

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