O Boticário Duo Bar Soap Cuide-se Bem Castanhita Sabonete 2x80g/2×2.8fl.oz


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O Boticário Cuide-se Bem Castanhita Fresh Bar Soap

Skin care should start in the bath, that’s why the Cuide-se Bem line brings two Castanhita bar soaps to clean and hydrate the skin.

When in contact with wet skin, the bar soap promotes a rich and creamy foam that cleans without allowing dryness, provides a soft and velvety skin.
Besides cleaning, the soap perfumes with delicacy releasing an amber floral fragrance of chestnut, promoting a feeling of comfort and coziness.


Apply all over the skin until forming a rich and creamy foam, then rinse.


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  • 02 Brown Bar Soap

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