O Boticário Moisturizing Lotion Nativa SPA Açaí Loção Hidratante 400ml/13.5fl.oz


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Nativa SPA O Boticario Body Deodorant Moisturizing Lotion 400ml/14.1oz

Possessing a new formula more effective, the Deodorant Moisturizing Lotion now has the hydration power of 100% pure Quinoa oil drops, which promotes a much softer, lighter and smoother skin. Besides the hydration it has a marking scent thanks to the microcapsules of the Acai fragrance which breaks up during the day providing moments of surprise, durability and energy.


Apply the quantity on the skin and spread until it is absorbed.


Olfactory Pyramid

Top: Cherry, Plum, Wake up Açaí, Apple, Green Notes 
Body: Fresia, Yogurt Wake, Raspberry, Almonds 
Background: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Heliotropin, Balm

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