O Boticário Soap Bar Massager Nativa Spa Trio Açaí Baunilha Madagascar Flor Ameixa 3 Units 90g/3.1fl.oz


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O Boticario Nativa Spa Trio Bar Soap Massager Fresh Açaí, Baunilha de Madagascar and Flor de Ameixa

The Nativa SPA Trio Bar Soaps Kit has incredible fragrances of AçaíBaunilha de Madagascar and Flor de Ameixa now with new formula and shape.

The soap helps to clean deeply without drying out, leaving the skin velvety and with soft touch. When in contact with wet skin, it creates a rich and creamy foam that involves the whole body. Now with new massaging format, it allows an even more special bath experience!

The aroma of Açaíis energy and happiness in living, while the Baunilha de Madagascar is the warmth and contrast and the Flor de Ameixais cozy and delicate to the body.

All of them present in its formula purified drops of quinoa to help on skin hydration. So, its skin care starts in the bath to leave it more prepared for its routine.


Apply the soap over all the skin, then rinse.

Olfactory Pyramid

Top: Cherry, Plum, Wake up Açaí, Apple, Green Notes 
Body: Fresia, Yogurt Wake, Raspberry, Almonds 
Background: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Heliotropin, Balm

Package contents

  • 01 O Boticario Nativa Spa Bar Soap Açaí
  • 01 O Boticario Nativa Spa Bar Soap Flor de Ameixa
  • 01 O Boticario Nativa Spa Bar Soap Baunilha de Madagascar

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