Richée Leave-in BB Ilumine Multifunctional Treatment Complete 210ml/7.10fl.oz


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Richée Professional BB Lighten Leave-in for all hair types. Multifunctional brings complete care that protects, conditions, repairs damaged areas of hair fiber and prevents breakage. Combines finishing benefits with treatment to make your hair healthier, brighter and softer.
Richée Professional BB Light Multifunctional Leave-in has internal and external action. It penetrates the cortex to restore the structure of the wire. On the outside, it creates a film that protects against external aggression and repairs the cuticles. This fights dryness, facilitates brushing, controls volume and prevents the formation of split ends.
All with thermal and sun protection.
Cocoa Butter: has nourishing and moisturizing properties that prevent water loss. Strengthens, revitalizes, decreases volume, gives more shine and flexibility to the wires.
Protein Complex (Silk, Wheat, Soybean and Amaranth Protein): replenishes hair mass and returns structure to the hair. It also gives softness, smoothness and shine.
Spray at a distance of 20 cm over damp strands, comb and finish as usual. If you want to use on dry hair, spray a small amount on your hands and spread on the strands.
Result: Your hair is repaired, protected, easy to care for and healthy looking.

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