Richée Prismcolor Creamy Developer Emulsion Ox. 20 Vol. 900ml/30.43fl.oz


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Creamy Developing Emulsion blended with the Bleaching Powder allows for any discoloration process, wicks and reflections.

Try it: RICHÉE BLOND BLOND REVELATOR EMULSION OX. 20 VOL. 900ml/30.43fl.oz and proves results.

Application: Mix the Discolorant Powder with the Developing Emulsion using a brush and suitable gloves. The action time should be controlled by the professional according to the degree of bleaching desired. After the break time, rinse with warm water and Shampoo.

Tip: For best results, use the rest of the Blond Blond line together.

Result: Ultra fast discoloration with high gloss finish.