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Richée Riplex Kit 2x110ml / 2x 3.71fl.oz + Clinic Repair Mask 500g / 17.63oz

Richée Riplex Kit 2x110ml / 2x 3.71fl.oz + Clinic Repair Mask 500g / 17.63oz

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Richée RiPlex Kit 2x110ml / 2x 3.71fl.oz + Clinic Repair 500ml Mask for hair in process of discoloration or coloring. Protects yarn health during Plex technology and replenishes lost mass. Prior to transformation, Richée Professional RipPlex Protective Gel strengthens the protein bridges that make up the strands and prevents them from breaking during color change.
After the chemical process, Richée Professional RiPlex Post-Chemistry replaces the lost matter with amino acids that fill in the gaps in the hair fiber and rebalance the pH of the strand. With Richée Professional RipPlex Healthy Bleaching Kit, your hair has full assurance of strength, health and repair even after color change.
Action: Crotein H: Hydrolyzed protein extracted from collagen that recovers the damage caused during the chemical process and increases the resistance of the strands by strengthening the peptide layers;
Amino acids: repairs damage by strengthening weakened capillary fibers while preventing further aggression;
Silk, Rice and Wheat Hydrolyzed Protein: gives softness, shine and suppleness to the threads with increased color durability and intense hydration;
Hydrolyzed Collagen: Restores damaged areas with increased resistance to new aggressions.
Cereal and Multivitamin Nanospheres: A combination that increases the resistance of strands to aggressions, preserves hydration and nutrition longer in the hair fiber.
Contains: Richée Professional RiPlex Protective Gel 110ml / 3.71fl.oz: enhances the effect of chemistry and shields the protein bridges that make up the strands during discoloration and / or staining
Richée Professional RiPlex Post-Chemistry Repository 100ml / 3.71fl.oz: Returns lost matter after chemical processes, closes cuticles and provides intense shine, strength and softness.
Richée Clinic Repair System Revitalizing Mask 500g / 17.63oz: Contains cereal and multivitamin nanospheres that regain the movement and soft feel of the strands with the gradual release of nutrients that fight strands aging, seal the cuticles and eliminate frizz.

Application: Prior to discoloration Shake before use. Mix the following protective measure according to the amount of bleaching powder to be used: Up to 30g / 1.05oz bleaching powder = 5ml / 0.16fl.oz of protective gel

From 31g / 1.09oz to 50g / 1.69oz Bleaching Powder = 10 Gel Protective

With Richée Professional RiPlex 1, the oxidant action will be as follows: 20 volumes = 10 volumes

30 volumes = 20 volumes

40 volumes = 30 volumes

To get the result of 40 volume hydrogen peroxide, use 5ml of the protective gel only if your hair is not brittle. For use in coloring or toning, mix only 5ml of the protective gel per 60g of product.

Note: Excessive product may slow down the discoloration process. After discoloration when removing color, discoloration or hair straightener, apply the post-chemical replenisher over the full length of the damp strands. Glaze lock after lock until a creamy texture is formed. Let stand for 10 minutes and rinse.

Note: on cold days, the repository may crystallize. If this happens, just warm it briefly with the dryer or with the heat of your hands.

After washing the hair, remove moisture from the strands and distribute the length mask to the ends. Massage and let it act for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse well.

Tip: For best results use along with the rest of the Riplex and Clinic Repair System line.


Perfectly colored hair and intact health after color change, rebuilt, shiny and soft.