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Richée Professional Progressive Bioplastic + Wire Fainting

Richée Professional Progressive Bioplastic + Wire Fainting

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Richée Professional Bioplástica reduces the volume of unruly and unruly hair. Its formula enriched with highly nutritious ingredients will leave your hair with a smooth effect and with a renewed structure.

Richée Professional Bioplástica restores hydration to the hair fiber, essential for the health and movement of your hair. While the Richée Professional Bioplástica formulation acts on form and texture with the volume reduction system, nourishing agents recover the vitality and strength of the hair. After using Richée Professional Bioplastic, your hair will be renewed, with natural smooth effect and much healthier.

Richée Professional Nanobtx Repair Fainting of the Wires Ultra-reducing mask for all hair types. It has anti-frizz action, because it acts by smoothing the threads, leaving them super silky, soft and with mirror shine.


Richée Professional Bioplástica Anti-Residue Shampoo 1 Liter/33.81fl.oz: deeply cleans and prepares the hair to receive the treatment.

Richée Professional Bioplastic Texturizer of Yarn 1 Liter/33.81fl.oz: reduces hair volume and deeply moisturizes with nourishing agents.

Richée Nanobtx Repair Fainting Yarn 1kg/33.81fl.oz: Its formula is concentrated in Murumuru Oil, Arginine and Vitamin E, recovering hair damaged by chemical processes, returning a deep treatment and alignment of the threads.

Murumuru oil: nourishes deeply, has emollient action on the threads and is anti-frizz.
Keratin: fills the empty gaps in the capillary structure and strengthens the hair.
Hyaluronic Acid: retains the natural hydration inside the fiber, preventing it from becoming dry.
Arginine: a strengthening amino acid that restores hair resistance and closes the cuticles of the strands.
Vitamin E: regenerates and protects the hair, leaving it extremely healthy.


Wires under control, vitalized and with natural smooth effect