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Gel protector for hair in the process of coloring and discoloration. Richée Professional RipPlex preserves the fiber during the processing and prolongs the action of the decolorant with total safety to the health of the yarns.

Richée Professional RipPlex acts at the same time as the chemical process with the intention of protecting the structure of the hair fiber and strengthen its bridges during the process of discoloration of the wires. In addition to preserving hair integrity, its formula restores the mass of the fragile areas instantly and rescues the elasticity responsible for the yarn’s resistance to post-chemical aggression. With Richée Professional RipPlex, the color change does not harm the health of the hair and it becomes much healthier, protected and with the well-looked appearance.

Action:  Hydrolyzed Silk: gives softness, shine and malleability to the threads;

Hydrolyzed Rice: it forms a protective film that prolongs the duration of color and hydration;

Hydrolyzed Wheat: retains hydration for longer inside the hair fiber and prevents the roughness and lack of shine caused by dryness;

Hydrolyzed Collagen: restores damaged areas with increased resistance to further aggressions;

Crotein H: hydrolyzed protein extracted from collagen which recovers the damage caused during the chemical process and increases the strength of the yarns with the strengthening of the peptide layers;

Amino Acids: repairs damage by strengthening weakened capillary fibers while preventing further aggression.


Application: After removing the coloration, discoloration or hair straightener, apply the post-chemical repositories over the full extent of the wet wires. Enow the wick to a creamy texture. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse. Note: on cold days, the repository may crystallize. If this happens, simply warm it up briefly with the dryer or with the warmth of your hands.

Tip: For best results, use the rest of the Riplex line together.

Result: Hair with health preserved, resistant, with intense shine and tenderness.