Robson Peluquero Shampoo Green Tinting Shampoo 1L/33.8 fl.oz


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Robson Peluquero Shampoo Green Tinting Restore Extreme Luminous Matizador 1L/33.8 fl.oz

Robson Peluquero Green Matrizing Shampoo is indicated for all hair types. Its exclusive formula contains Moroccan Argan Oil and Amino Acids.

Shampoo Green provides a creamy foam that cleans, strengthens, softens, hydrates and recuperates the hair. Eliminates yellowish aspects, reinforces the tone of the threads leaving a uniform and shiny color.


Apply Shampoo Green to damp hair in fine locks. Leave applied for 5 to 45 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly.


Recovered, clean and tinted hair.

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