Kit Sweet Hair Shampoo Cream Cronology Biotechnology Smooth Cleasing Hydration 2x980ml/2×33.1fl.oz


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Treatment kit indicated for all hair types. Cleanses, restructures and fortifies the hair fiber.

With actives able to map the structure of the hair and exfoliate without damaging the scalp, Cronos Biotechnology Clorophilum Kit Duo, by Sweet Hair, eliminates dead cells and deposits deficient nutrients, giving back to the hair the elasticity and balance needed to keep the hair healthy.


Cronology Molecular Renewal Shampoo 980ml/33.13fl.oz: Shampoo indicated for all hair types. Cleanses and restores nutrients in deficiency in the threads.

Cronology Hair Diffusion Treatment Mask 980g/33.13fl.oz: Treatment mask indicated for all types of hair. Restructures and strengthens the capillary fiber.


Chlorophyll Extract: gives shine, strength and regulates the elasticity of the threads.

Lamellar Gel: with seventy types of low molecular weight keratin, it restructures the capillary fiber, increasing the mass of the thread.

Nano-link: composed of arginine, serine, cysteine, proline, glycine and creatine, it treats the hair from inside to outside, stimulating the metabolism of the hair follicle.

Application: Apply the Molecular Renewal Shampoo Cronology Sweet Hair on wet hair and massage, then rinse all the hair. Repeat the operation if necessary.

After using the Molecular Renewal Shampoo Cronology Sweet Hair, on the clean and still humid hair, apply the Hair Diffusion Treatment Mask Cronology Sweet Hair on all the hair length. Let it act according to your hair type, and then rinse well.


Your hair is completely clean, restructured, fortified, treated, healthy, free of dead cells, excess oil and other residues.

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