Sweet Hair Mask Cronology Hair Body Cream Elasticity Equilibrium Nutrition Hair Care 200g/7.05fl.oz


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Treatment mask indicated for all types of hair, especially sensitive ones. Besides, it combines extracts and actives to grant silky to the hair and elasticity and hydration to the body.

Able to stimulate an intense silky to the hair structure, Cronology Biotechnology Clorophilum Hair Body Cream, by Sweet Hair, can be used in the morning on the hair, and at night on the body, recovering and giving hydration.

Action: Chlorophyll Extract: gives shine, strength and regulates the elasticity of the threads and the skin, acts on the nutritional control of the epithelial tissue, giving firmness and softness.

Application: After using the Make-up Remover Shampoo Cronology Sweet Hair, apply the Treatment Mask Hair Body Cream Cronology Sweet Hair on all the length of the hair clean and wet and massage. Leave it on for 7 minutes and rinse.

On the body, apply the Hair Body Cream Sweet Hair Treatment Mask at night, on dry skin, in circular movements until total absorption.


Your hair silky, nourished and hydrated. Your skin grants more elasticity, hydration and softness.

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