Sweet Hair Cream Cronology Hair Diffusion Treatment Capillary Equilibrium Hydration 980g/33.1fl.oz


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Treatment mask suitable for all types of hair. Restructures and fortifies the hair fiber. With actives capable of mapping the structure of the hair, Sweet Hair Hair’s Cronology Biotechnology Clorophilum Hair Diffusion deposits nutrients that are deficient in the hair fiber, thus restoring the balance needed to keep hair healthy.  


Extract of Chlorophyll: gives shine, strength and regulates the elasticity of the threads. Nano-link: composed of arginine, serine, cysteine, proline, glycine and creatine, treats the hair from the inside out, stimulating the metabolism of the hair follicle. Lamellar Gel: with seventy types of low molecular weight keratin, it restructures the hair fiber and collaborates to increase the mass of the yarn.  

Application: After using the Refreshing Molecular Cronology Sweet Hair Shampoo, on clean and still damp hair, apply the Cronology Sweet Hair Capillary Diffusion Treatment Mask over the entire length of the wires. Let it act according to your hair type, and then rinse thoroughly.

Fine hair: 7 minutes. Hair with medium thickness: 14 minutes. Thick hair: 21 minutes.  


Your hair is restructured, fortified, treated and balanced to stay healthy.


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