Sweet Hair Restaurador Capilar Lovely Touch of Silk Mask Step 3 Treatment Hair Care 500ml/16.9fl.oz


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Sweet Hair was the first line to transform curly hair into straight hair through a combination of acids and proteins, ensuring safety in its application and compatibility with all existing chemicals.

Touch of Silck Third Step 3 gives freedom to the professionals promoting straightening, volume reduction, frizz elimination, reconstruction, nutrition and hydration. Captivating everyone with its performance, quality and innovation.

The Sweet Brush is composed of an exclusive blend of actives that ensures the threads thermal alignment and flexibility in procedures with the kit. After the anamnesis, the professional determines which is the best way to apply.

Benefits: Hydration, Nutrition, Reconstruction, Color Shielding, Smoothing Durability.


Vegetable keratin, D-pantenol, Blend of silicones and Cocoa butter. With Ph: 4,5.

Try Sweet Hair Lovely Touch Of Silk Mask Step 3 and prove the results.

Application: With wet hair apply the Third Step 3 Touch of Silck, let it act for 5 to 15 minutes and rinse 100%. The product has durability on hair from 3 to 7 washes.


Hydrated and shiny hair.

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