Sweet Hair Royal Color Powder Discolorant 500g/17.63fl.oz.


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Sweet Hair Merci Decolorizing Powder is a decolorizing powder for the lightening of 7 to 8 shades of hair, which in addition to discolor will treat and moisturize, as well as help in maintaining and protecting the yarn.

Sweet Hair Merci Drying Powder is dust-free, so it does not raise dust when being handled.

Action: Collagen Hydrolyzed and Silicone: active that together, favor the elasticity of the threads, increase the resistance, treat, moisturize and still provide softness and shine.

Application: 1 ° In a non-metallic container mix the ratio of 1 measurement of Merci Sweet Hair Deodorizing Powder to 2 measurements of Merci Sweet Hair Oxidizer of 10, 20, 30 or 40 volumes according to the desired result.

2 ° Action time of discoloration is 55 minutes.

3 ° After the pause time, rinse the hair extensively and continue the process of tinting or toning the hair. Sweet Hair Mercy Discoloration Powder should be used as indicated on the packaging.

Note: – Do not use to discolor eyelashes and eyebrows or any use other than hair; – Avoid contact with eyes; – Do not apply if the scalp is irritated or injured and in case of burning or burning rinse immediately with warm water; – Do not use in children and pregnant women; – Do not use with heat source; – Before using, perform the touch test as stated on the product packaging; – This service must be done by a professional hairdresser who knows and works with Sweet Hair products and with Dusting Powder.

The store is not responsible for the misuse, or misuse of the products. Read the instructions carefully before use, and the store recommends that the service be done by a professional hairdresser who knows and works with Sweet Hair products.


Hair discolored and more luminous, treated and hydrated without dryness, whitening.