Sweet Hair The First Mask Ultra Conditioner Manutenção Extends Smoothing 200g/7.05fl.oz


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Sweet Hair The First Maintenance Mask. Hair reconstruction mask for frizz, repairs the hair with thermal straightening and extends the straight with softness and shine.

Sweet Hair The First Maintenance Mask strengthens the cortex and corrects the cracks of the protective cuticles with the replacement of mass, which leaves the strands more resistant from the inside out.

Not to mention that it protects the hair from humidity, the number 1 enemy of the perfect straight, gives intense softness, mirrored shine and speeds up the drying of the threads.

Application: After washing your hair and removing excess water with the towel, distribute the mask over the length and ends of the strands and massage gently. Leave for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.


Hair in good health, with the smooth preserved, soft and very shiny.

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