Sweet Hair The First Shampoo Smooth Intense Progressive 500ml/16.90fl.oz.


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Sweet  The First  Shampoo Smoothing (Shampoo smoothing) is the first smoothing shampoo cosmetic market, and has the ability to straighten the hair strands with the same effect a progressive brush.

The most important Sweet  The First  Shampoo Smoothing (Shampoo smoothing) is that it does not contain formaldehyde in their composition and are free of harmful ingredients to the hair. Its formula is composed of a blend of 5 acids beneficial to the hair.

5 active ingredients are acetyl salicylic, alpha lipoic, glycolic, lactic and hyaluronic.

Sweet  The First  Shampoo Smoothing (Shampoo smoothing)  was developed to not harm the hair, it also does not contain parabens.

Designed to be used by any type of hair, Sweet  The First  Shampoo Smoothing (Shampoo smoothing) can be used in blond or bleached hair that will not fade hair strands or yellow hair.

Furthermore, Sweet  The First  Shampoo Smoothing (Shampoo smoothing) is compatible with any chemicals, and can be used in any type of hair. Another advantage of smoothing shampoo is that it takes half the time of a phase to get ready.

Sweet  The First  Shampoo Smoothing composed of Blend acids that bind to simple hair proteins, creating chemical bonds. Through interaction with the heat source generates wire straightening.

• No Formaldehyde
• Free of Parabens
• Compatible with all chemicals
• Hair much healthier

Principles Assets (5 acids):
• Salicylic
• Alpha Lipoic
• Glycolic
• Lactic
• Hyaluronic

Try SWEET HAIR THE FIRST SMOOTH SHAMPOO INTENSE PROGRESSIVE 500ml/16.90fl.oz. and see the results.