Sweet Hair Thermal Fluid The First Hydrating Fluid Protetor Térmico Hair Care 100ml/3.38fl.oz


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Moisturizing fluid for straightened hair with The First Shampoo. Sweet Hair The First Thermal protects, repairs and moisturizes the hair.

Sweet Hair The First Thermal works as a thermal protector that, in contact with the heat, repairs the deficiencies of the hair, giving it a healthy and natural appearance. Its formula rich in amino acids and moisturizing actives seals the cuticles and disciplines the hair helping in the maintenance of straightening.

With anti-frizz action, thanks to its anti-humidity system, Sweet Hair The First Thermal facilitates the drying of the threads while providing lightness, softness and mirror shine!

Application: With 80% dry hair, spray Thermal Fluid all over the hair and finish as desired.


Hair protected from heat, hydrated and repaired, as well as shiny, soft and frizz free.

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