Kit Sweet Hair Treatment SOS Regeneration Impact Shock Instant Repair Complete Hydration 3 Units


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Sweet Kit Sos Regeneration is indicated for damaged and chemically treated hair. Recovers and revitalizes the threads.

It can also be used for brittle and porous hair, the treatment kit prevents the threads breaking, repairing and reconstructing the structure of the capillary fibers. From this reconstruction, the hair cuticles are closed and aligned, diminishing the porosity and giving the hair a soft aspect, with shine and full of life.


Sweet Hair Kiss Me SOS Impact Shock Treatment 500ml/16.90fl.oz: repairs hair structure, stopping hair breakage, especially after chemical processes.

Sweet Hair Kiss Me SOS Regeneration Treatment 980g/33.13fl.oz: restores the capillary mass and corrects the damages caused by chemical processes, rebalancing the electric charges of the hair.

Sweet SOS Home Care Instant Repair 240ml/8.11fl.oz: reconstructor with high concentration of proteins, which strengthens and recovers the hair in a few minutes.


Silicone emulsion of anionic character: it gives shine and softness, leaving the hair loose, without frizz and with reduced volume without product accumulation.

Hydrolyzed Vegetal Keratin (corn, wheat and soy proteins): helps on hydration maintenance and fiber protection, giving strength, shine and protection against damages caused by thermal tools.

Sweet Almond Oil: has moisturizing and emollient effect.

Application: On clean and humid hair, apply the Impact Shock over the whole extension of the threads.

Dry 80% and apply, from length to ends, the Regenaration. Leave it on for 10 minutes and rinse completely.


Your hair recovered, with the structure restored, soft, shiny and full of life.

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