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The First Generation 2.0 Shampoo Straightener 980 Ml/33.13 fl.oz

The First Generation 2.0 Shampoo Straightener 980 Ml/33.13 fl.oz

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Sweet revolutionizes once again and shows that it can exceed expectations every day! New generation of The First line.   The world's first straightening shampoo has affinity for hair keratin, and with heat source, promotes protein denaturation. As this straightening is not a permanent process and ensures the safety of compatibility with other chemical processes and there may be a restructuring (the hair returns to normal structure between 6 to 9 months).   The First is a blend shampoo that combines with simple hair proteins. Through interaction with the heat source, it generates hair straightening. The assets that make up The First are organic, which are three-dimensional, interacting with the internal structure of the hair.    

Application :

Prior to application, pre-wash with Sweet Hair Shampoo or a deep cleansing shampoo of your choice. This is necessary to remove impurities and oils.   1st moisten the hair and, with the help of a towel or dryer, remove the excess water from the hair, about 80%.   2nd shake the package and apply from 50 ml of The First, according to the length and density of the hair. Run the length of your hair and wind the strands until you get dense, abundant foam without rubbing your scalp. Note: Do not add water to make foam.   3rd let it act for 10 minutes and rinse completely. Use a conditioner to untangle the wires if necessary.   4th dry the hair 100%. Separate the hair into thin strands and flatten the hair from root to tip 5 to 7 times at a temperature of 180ºC to 230ºC (or from 375ºF to 450ºF). Temperature according to the health of the hair. Plank moderately and continuously.  

Result :

Straight hair, hydrated and without frizz.