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Truss Kit Net Mask + Uso Obrigatório Hair Reconstructor
Truss Kit Net Mask + Uso Obrigatório Hair Reconstructor
Truss Kit Net Mask + Uso Obrigatório Hair Reconstructor

Truss Kit Net Mask + Uso Obrigatório Hair Reconstructor

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Kit developed for damaged hair. Its formula restores mass and reconstructs for more movement, softness and strength. A perfect combination for those who have gone through chemical processes or feel their hair weak, fragile and porous.

Kit Truss Net Obligatory has a mask with a smart formula, which regenerates the damaged stems and prolongs the hydration of hair for a healthier and more beautiful look. Furthermore, the reconstructive treatment strengthens the hair, protects against future wear and tear.

Truss Mandatory Use - Reconstructive Treatment 260ml/8.79fl.oz: Versatile, restores the healthy look of damaged and chemically treated hair. It also helps to discipline the hair, protects from the heat of the dryer and prevents the formation of split ends.
Truss Net - Hair Mask 550g/18.59fl.oz: Replenishes lost mass, nourishes and hydrates hair with its nano-regenerating formula and web shape that facilitates uniform application.

After washing the hair, remove the excess water with the help of a towel. Take a small amount of the mask, spread it well between your hands, then press one hand on the other and move away to create the web effect. Apply over hair length and ends, wait 5 to 10 minutes and rinse with plenty of water.

Use Mandatory Use as treatment after washing with shampoo. Spray on damp and clean hair, then proceed with the conditioner without rinsing.

If you want, use as leave-in on damp hair after complete washing. Apply, comb and finish as desired.

Experts Teach:
The Net Mask has a formula that nourishes, moisturizes and acts against frizz. Therefore, it is perfect to give a lot of definition and shine to curly and curly hair. Apply to obtain stronger, softer, silkier and more defined hair.

Rebuilt, strong and restored hair. Provides healthy hair with much more shine.