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Treatment kit developed for damaged and dry hair. Kit Truss Spa Compulsory formulated to restore the hair and moisturize deeply. Perfect for hair that is lifeless, apero and, mainly, that has gone through chemical processes.
Kit Truss Spa Compulsory offers two intensive treatments. Its action recovers the fiber from the already existing damages and prevents future aggressions, besides restoring nutrients and returning softness.

It contains:
Truss Mandatory Use – Reconstructive Treatment 260ml: Its action, recovers the healthy aspect of damaged hair while discipline, protects from heat and prevents split ends.
Truss Night Spa – 250ml Night Treatment Serum: It promotes a true armor that maintains its nutrients inside the hair fiber, prevents the action of external agents, reduces frizz and increases shine.

The Mandatory Use can be used in two ways. To use it as a treatment, use all over the humid hair just after washing with shampoo and, without rinsing, use the conditioner.
With the leave-in, spray over all the clean and humid hair. Without rinsing, finish as you wish.
The night serum should be applied to the length of the hair and to the ends (never at the root) of the dry hair lock by lock. Massage and lie down to sleep, let the product act during sleep. The next day, wash 2 to 3 times as usual.

Experts teach:
Both treatments are independent and can be used the way you think is best for your hair. If you feel very damaged and dry, use them often. Otherwise, use eventually to give more beauty and strength.

Much stronger, healthier, stronger hair, free from frizz, perfect shine and full of life.

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