Truss Sérum Night Spa Treatment Serum Vegan Hydration Nutrition Shine Hair Care 250ml/8.45fl.oz


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Truss Night Spa – Night Treatment ( Serum promotes a true armor that maintains its nutrients inside the capillary fiber, prevents the action of external agents, reduces frizz and increases shine.

The Night Treatment Serum acts from inside to outside the capillary fiber, bringing that feeling of hydrated, clean and light hair.

Ideal for those who seek to take care of their hair while resting during the night.


Apply the serum to the length and ends (never at the root) of dry hair at night, lock by lock and massage.

Let it act during sleep. The next day, wash 2 to 3 times as usual.


Your hair is hydrated, soft and incredibly shiny.

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* – 01 Truss Night Spa – Night Treatment Serum 250ml/8, 45fl.oz

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