Tyrrel Bleaching Powder Vithet Up 9 Levels Pó Descolorante Blue Hair Care Azul 500g/17.6fl.oz


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Tyrrel Special Bleaching Powder Vithet Blue Powder 500g/17, 63fl.oz

Tyrrel Bleaching Powder has been specially developed to be used in all hair lightening techniques, leaving your hair with incredible lightening.

Vithet Blue Bleaching Powder was developed with the highest technology, maintaining the resistance of the capillary fiber during bleaching, acting in an intense and effective way.


The application must be done on dry and unwashed hair.

Apply the mixture with a brush, lock by lock, according to the chosen technique.


Your hair with an incredible and resistant whitening.

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* – Tyrrel Vithet Blue Specialty Bleaching Powder 500g/17, 63fl.oz

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