Wella Pó Descolorante Blondor Multi Blonde Bleaching Powder Dust Free Professional Use 800g/28.2fl.oz


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Wella bleaching powder is made with very high quality components, which allow a perfect bleaching without damaging the hair, leaving it full of life even after the bleaching process.

Wella Bleaching Powder is ideal for bleaching, wicking and lightening body hair in a practical and quick way.

Wella Blondor results in a discoloration in lighter levels (Up to 7 Tons), allowing a controlled discoloration.

Application Tip

Depending on the desired whitening level or application consistency mix with Welloxon Perfect 6, 9 or 12 or De Color Touch Emulsion 1,9 or 4 in a non-metallic container, mix in a 1:1 to 1:2 ratio. Do not mix the 1:1 ratio with hydrogen peroxide. If in contact with scalp (Full Application or Root), use Welloxon Perfect 6 as maximum.


Hair with the desired tone without damage to hair.

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