Wella Oxidizing Cream Welloxon Perfect 12% Creme Oxidante 40 Volume Hair Care 1L/33.8fl.oz


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Revered by hairdressers worldwide for its thick and creamy consistency, enhanced blending and cutting-edge performance, Welloxon Perfect allows for precise and uniform color development.

Blending/Recommendation: Welloxon Perfect is the color partner for Color Perfect Base & Innosense, Illumina Color, Blondor and Magma, which ensures optimal color development.


Vol.40, 12% color opening between 2 and 4 tones.


Mix in the proportion 1+1 with Color Perfect.

For example: 60g of color + 60ml of emulsion. Only in Special Blonde nuances: mix 1 part Color Perfect for 2 parts of oxidants. *Use Profissonal.

Tip: For a whitening of up to 4 shades using Color Perfect or Illumina Color or up to 7 shades using Blondor.


Colorful hair with perfect result and lasting color.

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