Yellow Guanidina Ye New Form Relaxer Guanidin Activator Straightening 1.8kg/63.49fl.oz.


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The Yellow Professional Line specially made for professionals who combine good prices with excellent treatment results, since it was made with products that, thanks to the Aloetrix complex, protect and nourish the hair during smoothing. Guanidine Relaxation, does not contain sodium hydroxide, nor ammonia, and develops a fast and efficient relaxingaction to the hair. Guanidine Relaxation transforms curly and curly hair into silky smooth hair.

Specific technical knowledge is required for application of the product. Its special formula based on Guanidine hydroxide contains Aloetrix technology, which uses Aloe Vera and Wheat Germ protects hair, moisturizing and improving its conditioning power for natural relaxation. The product is indicated for those who want perfectly smooth, soft and shiny hair.

Tip: Use the Yellow relaxation system only as indicated in the leaflet, which is supplied with the products. Do not use the product in pregnant women and children under the age of 12 years. The application process of the product must be done by a professional hairdresser who knows and works with the Yellow product.

Result : Developed exclusively to smooth curly or very curly hair, virgin and resistant.