Yellow Sodium Ye New Form Relaxer Smoothing Sodium Hydroxide 1.8kg/63.49fl.oz.


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The Yellow Form line is the ideal therapy for chemically treated hair.With powerful formula, it provides restructuring, balance and deep hydration for your yarn! Ye New Form Sodium Hydroxide Extremely traditional procedure.It is indicated when the aim is to smooth curly or very curly hair , virgin and resistant.Ideal for a perfect smooth or defined bunches. Benefits: Developed with Aloe Vera Gel and Wheat Germ Oil, now even more complete with actives, Shea Butter and Creatine. It guarantees an effective and definitive result that continuously protects the health of the hair. During the process of transformation, the treatment assets penetrate the hair by exerting a protective, lenitive and nutrient action. In daily use, it offers hydration, softness and protection against UV rays.

Application: Use according to the Technical Guideline for Use accompanying the Yellowing Cream Yellow New Form 1.8 kg Sodium Hydroxide. Always perform the wick test and the touch test to check for incompatibility of the product and / or allergy in the wires and / or the skin . If any reaction occurs, do not use the product. If you have any irritation, injury or sensitivity to the scalp and / or skin around the hair, do not use the product.We do not indicate use in pregnant women, infants and children.Product of professional use. We suggest that the application of the product be done by a professional hairdresser. We are not responsible for problems related to the application by persons not qualified and / or for failure to comply with the above guidelines.

Result : Developed exclusively to smooth curly or very curly hair, virgin and resistant.