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Zanphy Bronzer Carrot Powder and Highlighter Make Finisher
Zanphy Bronzer Carrot Powder and Highlighter Make Finisher

Zanphy Bronzer Carrot Powder and Highlighter Make Finisher

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Zanphy Carrot Powder is the perfect combination of tan and illuminator. Its function is to finish the brand by adding an amazing tan tone! It has small glow particles that leave the skin matt and brightened at the same time. With a light and soft texture, Zanphy Carrot Powder provides a perfect and even finish, improving makeup and leaving your skin looking velvety.

It also has a technology that prevents its particles from reflecting in bright light and exploding in flash. HD finishing assists in high definition output with lightness and durability.

Action: Micronized Pigments: Micronized pigments are pigments that have been subjected to intensive grinding and have significantly reduced particle size, leaving them ultrafine. This micronization gives the product excellent grip, silky feel, ultra-fine texture and even effect coverage.

HD Powder: High definition powder is a microparticle that produces an optical effect, softening the skin tone and decreasing the perception of imperfections.

Application: Zanphy Carrot Powder is your best ally to finish the makeup. After applying the primer, the concealer and the base, apply the powder with the help of a brush. This will help in fixing other products to increase the durability of your brand.

Masking Grease: Dust helps disguise skin oils without weighing the mark. Apply the product on the brightest points such as forehead, chin and nose.

Beware of overdoing: Dust is very important to even out and finish the mark, but be careful not to overdo it and leave your face smeared.

Tip: It is normal during the day for the concealer to appear crackled due to the fine lines. Dust helps solve this problem! The tip is to apply the product after the concealer, so that the powder fills the lines and makes the skin more uniform.


Uniform skin and wonderful finish.