Learn more about hair dye!

The main hair dyes are: Permanent dye (it is not recommended to apply the product on already dyed hair for the risk of drying out the strands), Tonalizing dye (on average 20 washes), Temporary dye (lasts on average 5 to 6 washes), Henna dye (lasts on average 20 days), Vegetable dye (completely changes the color and covers white hair. Lasts about 1 month) Natural dyes (do not use chemicals, lasts about 3 washes, the can be used frequently).

The most commonly used dyes are the permanent ones, which are of professional use and it is recommended that they be applied in a beauty salon. The main brands are: RichéeSchwarzkopfWella and Cadiveu.

People with hair always need to take some care, such as: using products for colored hair, washing the hair when the root is oily, using masks and conditioners, and bathing in colder water.