Adcos Oily Solution Balancing Facial Soap Controls Oiliness Cleanses Refreshes Fragrance-Free 120g/4.05 oz


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Adcos Oily Solution Balancing Facial Soap Controls Excessive Oiliness Cleanses Refreshes Without Perfume Vegan 120g/4.05 oz

Developed with excellent active ingredients, Adcos Oily Solution Balancing Soap deeply cleanses without damaging the skin. Helps control excessive oiliness of oily skin.

Its formula contains properties that minimize the irregularities of oily skin without drying or causing rebound effect. Its actives are oil and perfume free, with antioxidant action that helps prevent premature aging.

The line is ideal for those who want a product that controls the imperfections of oily skin. It is a powerful antioxidant that reduces the formation of free radicals.


To start your daily routine, apply the facial soap on wet skin twice a day. Rinse off afterwards.
Tip: Washing your skin excessively during the day can cause the rebound effect and leave it even oilier. The ideal is to wash it with cold or lukewarm water at most twice a day with the appropriate facial soap.


Clean, soft and fresh skin.

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