Kit Alfaparf Shampoo Mask Leave-in Yellow Color Care For Colored Hair Care Hydration 3 Units


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Color Care Shampoo is the perfect ally for colored hair in the salon and at home! Its formula is enriched with Goji Berry and Aloetrix extracts, gently washes away the intensity and luminosity of reflections day after day. For immediate use after color service, it eliminates alkaline residues and closes cuticles.

Conditioning Mask regenerates and deeply nourishes colored hair thanks to its formula enriched with Goji Berry and Aloetrix extract. It helps to prolong the intensity of reflections and keep hair luminous and soft. Perfect for use in the salon and at home.

Color Care Leave in is a miraculous and ultra light leave-in, enriched with Goji Berry and Aloetrix extract, which seals the cuticles and helps prolong the intensity and luminosity of the color, protecting the hair from external aggressions such as heat sources and sunlight.


Alfaparf Yellow Color Care Shampoo Goji and Aloetrix 500ml/16.9fl.oz

Alfaparf Yellow Color Care Conditioning Mask Goji and Aloetrix 500ml/17.3fl.oz

Alfaparf Yellow Color Care Leave in Goji and Aloetrix Color Protective Treatment125ml/4.23fl.oz

Apply the Color Care Shampoo to wet hair, massage gently until a homogeneous foam is obtained. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

Apply the Color Care Conditioning Mask after the application of Yellow Color Care Shampoo, rinse and distribute the mask evenly. Wait 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Continue with Yellow Color Care Leave-in.

After applying Yellow Color Care Mask and removing excess water, distribute the Leave-in at the length and ends. Dry and/or comb. It can also be applied as a finish on dry hair.

Moisturized and soft hair

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