Alfaparf Yellow Liss Straight Hair Shampoo and Mask 2x500ml/2×16.9fl.oz


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The new Yellow Liss line is dedicated to unruly, unruly hair that needs extra help to stay perfectly straight for long even in extreme conditions.

Contains: Yellow Liss Shampoo 500ml / 16.9fl.oz: It has a formula that gently cleanses, disciplining even the most rebellious hair. Suitable for wavy hair, natural straight or chemically treated.

Yellow Conditioning Mask Liss500ml / 16.9fl.oz: It is a concentrate of ingredients and actives with smoothing properties. Its texture surrounds and deeply nourishes the fiber of the threads. Ideal for natural or chemically treated wavy, straight hair.

Application: Apply to Shampoo on wet hair, massaging gently, then rinse. Repeat the process if necessary.

With damp hair, apply the Yellow Liss Mask from length to tip. Let it act for 2 to 3 minutes and rinse.


Hair hydrated with lightness, shine and without frizz.

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