Alfaparf Bond Hero Yellow Repair With Almond Proteins Cacao Fluído Reestruturante 100ml/3.38fl.oz


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Bond hero is a concentrated restructuring fluid that protects and strengthens hair, and can be used in various technical services such as coloring and discoloring and shape, even in the most sensitive hair. Its main differential is that it can also be mixed with other Yellow treatment products to extend reconstruction services in the salon. Enriched with Proteins extracted from the Almond, with reinforcing properties of keratin bonds, and Cocoa Butter, nutritious and with protective action.
Discoloration/Colorization: Add 5g of Yellow Bond Hero to every 30g of discoloring powder/colorization previously mixed with the correct amount of activator. Mix until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Proceed with the application.
Form: Mix 5g of Yellow Bond Hero every 30g of smoothing agent. Proceed with the application.
Treatment: Mix 5g of Yellow Bond Hero every 30g of Yellow mask. Apply and leave for 10 minutes under heat source. Rinse.
More protected and nourished hair.

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