Braé Divine Plume Sensation Hair Repair Serum Fights Frizz and Split ends 60ml/2.02 fl.oz


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Braé Divine Plume Sensation Sérum Hair Repair Finalizer Fights Frizz and Split ends Hair Nourished and Silky 60ml/2.02 fl.oz


Developed with excellent active ingredients, Braé Divine Plume Sensation Serum provides cuticle alignment, preventing heavy hair looks, promoting elasticity and leaving hair lighter with a natural bounce.

Its formula has coconut oil as its main property, which provides the most complete nutrients, in a light way, guaranteeing intense shine and protection, because it contains sun filter.

The line is ideal for those who want a finisher with nourishing properties, which reduces unwanted frizz, eliminating split ends, providing the hair with sun protection and silkiness.


Apply Divine Plume Sensation Serum in the palm of your hands and spread it over the length of your hair until absorption is complete.

Tip from the Expert: Regular use of the product prevents the formation of split ends.


Aligned, light feeling and incredibly shiny hair.

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– 01 Braé Divine Plume Sensation Sérum 60ml/2.02 fl.oz

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