Kit Braé Shampoo Conditioner Gorgeous Volume Fuller Than Ever Hair Care 2x250ml/2×8.45fl.oz


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Free of salt and parabens, it tones the hair, balances excessive oiliness of the scalp, provides shine and resistance to hair.
Braé Gorgeous Shampoo Volume 250ml/8.33fl.oz
Braé Gorgeous Conditioner Volume 250ml/8.33fl.oz
Main Assets
– Biotin (HVIT®)
– Panthenol: acts deeply as a long-lasting moisturizer with restorative and protective action. It improves elasticity and flexibility, revitalizing the hair from root to tip. Repairs damage caused by dyes, perms and other chemicals, without weighing the hair.
– Wheat Protein: helps repair keratin scales from damaged hair, gives volume and shape to the hair.
– Amino acids: amino acids are quaternary compounds and are part of the construction of hair proteins. Once the hairs are losing amino acids, it is important to replace them, because they are essential in hair reconstruction processes.
With wet hair, apply the shampoo and wash slightly to remove the residues that prevent foam formation. 
Rinse well and reapply the product, gently massaging the scalp until it forms a creamy foam. Rinse again;
On clean hair, apply the conditioner. Starting at the tips, massaging gently and sliding the hair between the fingers until it is untangled. Leave it on for a few minutes and rinse. For a better result, apply the Gorgeous Yarn Texturizer Volume 
A much stronger, fuller and bulkier hair

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