Braée Puring Shampoo Anti-Oiliness Soothes Scalp Natural Shine 1L/35.2 fl.oz


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Braé Puring Shampoo Anti-Oiliness Calms the Scalp Natural Shine Green Tea Cooling Touch 1L/35.2 fl.oz

Developed with excellent actives, Braé Puring Shampoo helps control hair greasiness, protects the scalp, and moisturizes, leaving hair with a natural shine.

Its formula is composed of natural extracts of Mint, Rosemary, among others, which promote refreshing action, invigorate and help in the treatment of excessive oiliness.

The line is ideal for those who desire a product for daily use, that treats the excessive greasiness of the scalp, maintains the natural humidity of the hair, moisturizing and conditioning.


Apply the Shampoo to wet hair and lightly massage the scalp. Rinse well and if necessary repeat the process again.

TIP OF THE EXPERT: Massage the scalp in circular motions with your fingertips when using PURING shampoo to stimulate scalp blood circulation, thus increasing the flow of sending nutrients to the hair.


Clean, refreshed feeling, strengthened and incredibly shiny hair.

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– 01 Braé Puring Anti-Oil Shampoo 1L/35.2 fl.oz


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