Braé Revival One and Two Professional Restoring Kit Damaged and Porous Hair 2x1L/2×35.27 fl.oz


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Braé Revival One and Two Professional Restructuring Replenishing Kit for Damaged and Porous Hair Intensive Reconstructor 2x1L/2×35.27 fl.oz

Developed with excellent active ingredients, Braé Revival One and Two Kit is a powerful hair reconstruction and mass replenishment treatment. It treats hair highly damaged by excessive use of chemicals and major transformations.

Its formula contains exclusive technology of vitamin blend that acts rebuilding the hair gradually passing through all the layers of the hair fiber.

It has active ingredients Keratin Protein, Wheat Protein, Silk Protein, Seaweed, Amino Acids, Macadamia Oil and Ojon Oil that act directly on the pores providing strength.

The line is ideal for those who desire a professional treatment to obtain the best effects in damaged hair, promoting intense hydration and shine.


On clean and humid hair, apply Revival One. Separate thin locks starting from the back of the neck. For better product distribution use a fine comb.

Leave a pause time of 5 minutes over a heat source (e.g.: thermal cap, hot moist towel, among others, but never use a hair dryer).

Without rinsing hair, apply Revival Two in the same way and leave it on for another 10 minutes on a heat source.

Wait for the hair to cool down and rinse with warm water (do not use shampoo). Finish as desired.

IMPORTANT: The treatment should not be performed on the same day of chemical procedures, wait at least one week.


Strong, reconstructed and incredibly wonderful hair.

Package Contents

– 01 Braé Revival One Professional 1L/35.27 fl.oz
– 01 Braé Revival Two Professional 1L/35.27 fl.oz

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