Braée Wanna Be Blond 12% Professional Oxygenated Water 40 Volumes Collagens and Nutritive Oils 900ml/30.43 fl.oz


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Braé Wanna Be Blond 12% Professional 40 Vol Volumes Hydrogen Peroxide Collagens and Shiny Blond Developer Oils 900ml/30.43 fl.oz

Developed with excellent actives, Braé Wanna Be Blond 40 Volume exposes up to 4 shades to reveal a dazzling blonde. Its composition acts nicely with Wanna Be Blond bleaching to lighten hair evenly and with incredible luminosity.

Its formula contains collagen which protects the hair from becoming fragile, ensuring a soft and smooth touch from discoloration, in addition to providing lots of shine.

The line is ideal for making locks and lightening the hair, its active ingredients protect the hair fiber during the discoloration process and has a blend of natural oils that nourish and hydrate the hair.


– Wear gloves during the entire process.

– In a non-metallic recipient put the Wanna Be Blond Bleaching Powder and Wanna Be Blond Ox in the proportion 1 + 1 1/2 to 1 + 2 according to the desired technique or service. Mix until it forms a viscous and homogeneous cream.

– For even greater protection against damage, add 2 mL of Bond Angel Plex Effect to each 10g of Bleaching Powder.

– Apply to dry hair using a brush or freehand. Wait for 20 minutes and monitor the lightening every 10 minutes. When the desired shade is reached, rinse thoroughly with abundant water.

We recommend that you seek a professional before starting this procedure, because he/she will know the best technique for you to achieve the expected result.


Lightened, illuminated or platinum hair in gorgeous shades. Softness, shine and manageability for the hair, with less damage.

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– 01 Braé Wanna Be Blond 40 Volumes 900ml/30.43 fl.oz

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