Cadiveu Glamour Shampoo 250ml Ruby


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Shampoo for chemically treated hair, colored or bleached. Clean effectively without damaging the hair strands, moisturizes and eliminates frizz, nourishes and strengthens, restoring hair. Shampoo Glamour Ruby Cadiveu protects the color of dyed yarns while highlighting locks and lights and accentuate the flat smoothing effect.




Its unique formulation contains Sugarcane Cysteine ​​(Cysteine ​​of cane sugar) and microparticles of Ruby, which act in the deep layers of the hair strands cuticles, restoring softness and smoothness to hair.

Cysteine: amino acid responsible for the recovery of the hair strands, regenerating them from the inside. It stimulates the growth of healthy hair strands and stimulates cell activity.

Microparticles Ruby: Responsible for wire sealing. Form a protective barrier, protecting hair against environmental and mechanical stresses, such as use of dryer and flat iron. Promotes an intense and lasting shine, due to its natural scintillation.


Try Cadiveu RUBY GLAMOUR SHAMPOO 250ml and see the results.

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Apply the shampoo Glamour Ruby on wet hair, massage gently and rinse thoroughly. If necessary repeat the operation. Proceed using the conditioner Glamour Ruby.


Tip: For best results use along with the rest of Ruby Glamour line.




Their hair is clean without losing integrity. Your hair strands are gaining strength, nutrition and brighter!