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Professional treatment kit for damaged hair. Cadiveu Hair Remedy Professional Kit comes the hair strands so that the damage is fully recovered. Its concentrated formula to treat the hair strands, promoting deep repair from the inside. Rich and nourishing has powerful assets that rebuild the hair fibers.


Hair Cadiveu Remedy Kit Professional has high technology, which allows it to act from the interior of the yarn and which performs sequential and gradual release of the active repairers, providing a prolonged effect of treatment. With ingredients which regenerate the hair and rebuild returns strength and resistance wire. You notice the improvement from the first application. In addition, it forms a protective layer around the fibers, while its moisturizing power ensures a silky touch and an intense shine. Her hair gets new life, getting recovered and tough, hard, light, restored health and beauty.


It contains


Cadiveu Hair mask Reconstructive 500ml Remedy: Treatment Mask for damaged hair. Comes the hair strands so that the damage is fully recovered. Its rich and nourishing formula has powerful assets that rebuild the hair fibers.


Cadiveu Hair Remedy Dose Vial Reconstructive 6x15ml: Light bulb treatment for damaged hair. It has a concentrated formula to treat the hair strands, promoting deep repair from the inside.




Microspheres fitoqueratina: possess powerful assets that will act in the recovery and reconstruction of the hair strands in the most damaged parts of the fibers.


3D Maxx Injection: unique technology that restores the hair from damage, making it more resistant. It acts in rebuilding from the inside of the hair strands, ensuring health and beauty.


Patois oil: originating in the Amazon palm tree, it is rich in essential fatty acids. It moisturizes, restoring softness of cables and to help combat porosity and protection.


Biopolymers: regenerate the hair fibers from within, promoting deep repair.


Lactic Acid: protects the hair strands future mechanical damage and oxidation.


Try Cadiveu HAIR REMEDY KIT PROFESSIONAL (2 Products) and see the results.




Step 1: Apply the Shampoo Hair Remedy on the damp strands and massage gently. Then rinse thoroughly. If necessary repeat the operation.


Step 2: After washing the hair with Shampoo Hair Remedy, apply the Restorative Hair Remedy Dose on clean and slightly damp strands, massage and enluve lock to lock. Let stand for 5 to 10 minutes in the heat source. Then rinse.


Step 3: After removing all excess light bulb Dose Restorative Hair Remedy, with a towel, remove the excess water, without rubbing and apply the Restorative Hair Remedy mask over clean and damp strands, massage wick wick. Let stand for 5 to 10 minutes. Then rinse.


Step 4: Remove excess water with a towel, then spray the fluid Precious Glamour on clean and damp strands and proceed with the brushing. After the finish brushing applying the Liquid Crystal Glamour for wire ends.



Its use is recommended every 7 days. The yield of the mask is up to 20 applications + Reconstructive dose.


Tip: For best results use along with the rest of Hair Remedy line.




Her hair is restored and recovered from the damage sustained, healthy, sturdy, with a soft touch and high gloss. Since the first application you feel the difference.

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Yamilka L.
Lo mejor!!!

Este tratamiento es lo mejor para reparar el cabello dañado,es milagroso y el resultado lo notas desde la primera aplicacion