Phytoervas Sun In Hair Lightening and Moisturizing 120ml/4.05 fl.oz


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Sun In Phytoervas Sun In Hair Lightening and Moisturizing Spray Gradual Lightening Conditioning Action Chamomile Extract and Macadamia Oil 120ml/4,05 fl.oz

Developed with whitening actives, the Sun In Phytoervas Sun In Moisturizing is a hair moisturizer that provides light reflexes and hair whitening. Its action acts gradually on hair lightening, and the lightening intensity varies according to the natural shade of the hair.

The line is ideal for those who wish to lighten their hair gradually and at the same time leave it hydrated.

Its formula provides a conditioning action that is enriched with chamomile extract and macadamia nut oil that helps protect the hair while acting on bleaching.


With damp hair, spray the Phytoervas Sun In Lightening and Moisturizing Spray with a comb to distribute it evenly and leave it on for 20 minutes.

For a better result, after application, use a hair dryer with medium to high temperature to activate the lightening. After finishing, check if the hair color is as desired, otherwise repeat the procedure again.

After finishing the procedure, wash your hair well. If you want your hair to become lighter, use the product more often to intensify the whitening.

Caution: Contains substances that may cause skin irritation to certain people. Do a touch test before use. May cause allergic reaction.

Touch test: Apply a small amount of product on the forearm. Wash the area after 20 minutes. After 24 hours, if there is irritation, itching or burning in the area, the product should not be used.


Moisturized, conditioned and gradually lighter hair.

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