EXO Hair Progressive Exoplasty Straightening Shampoo Keratin Professional Use Hair Care 2x500ml/16.9fl.oz


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EXO Hair Exoplasty Straightening Kit 2x500ml/16, 90fl.oz

EXO Hair Exoplasty is the perfect treatment (https://brazil-keratin.com/collections/treatment) for hair restructuring and intense straightening (https://brazil-keratin.com/collections/brazilian-straightening) , acting from the inside out of the hair fiber.

The hair exoplasty has as fundamental base the treatment and reconstruction of the hair, providing a smooth, restructured and shiny hair, in all types of hair, compatible with any dye or previous treatment.


Wash the hair with EXO access shampoo keeping the product in the hair for 3 minutes on the last application. Rinse.

Apply EXO ultratech keratin lock by lock, half an inch from scalp, from root to ends.

Leave the product on the hair for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, rinse the hair only with warm or cold water, until all the product is removed.

Dry the hair 100%, board in fine strands, with the hair totally dry, temperature from 190 to 230ºC, for at least 12 times or more, slowly, until obtaining the perfect alignment of the strands and intense shine.


Your hair recovered, straight and shiny.

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* – 01 – Exo Hair Professional Access Shampoo 500ml/16, 90fl.oz
* – 01 – Exo Hair Professional Ultratech Keratin 500ml/16, 90fl.oz

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