Felps Progressive Heat Sealing Omega Zero Unique Without Formaldehyde 1L/33.81fl.oz


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Felps Professional Omega Zero Unique Thermal Sealing aligns the wires and reduces volume while moisturizing to ensure a natural and healthy looking result. Thermal sealing for all hair types.

The Omega Zero Unique Thermal Sealing Felps formula has organic acids that can make hair smoother, with sealed cuticles, and smoothly disciplined. This way, your hair is tightly aligned without compromising your health and who to apply the product to. Formalin free.

Application: 1 – Separate clean and dry hair into quadrants.

2 – Using a spray bottle, apply heat seal to 1 centimeter from root, moistening length and tips evenly.

3 – Let it act for 60 to 90 minutes (in case of very resistant hair).

4 – Rinse only with water to completely remove the product.

5 – Brush the hair so that it is well aligned.

6 – Pranche thin strands 10 to 15 times.

7 – Wait 1 day to wash your hair as usual.

Note: We recommend that the application of the product be done by a professional and that before, it should be performed a test of roving and touch testing.


Your hair is straight and free from volume and frizz, with shine and silky touch.

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